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Do you have a beautiful set of pictures that are great except for the fact that they don’t quite convey the ideas you wish to pass across to your audience? You have nothing to worry about. Cases like this are not unusual, and the way to rectify the situation is through image manipulation

What Exactly is Image Manipulation Anyway?

Do you ever wonder how there can be two variations of the same picture where one is just your regular image and the other looks much cleaner and more elegant? Well, that’s photo manipulation at work. Photo manipulation is quite a popular term, and you’ve probably come across it once or twice before, especially if you deal with photos and design. 

Just like the name implies, photo manipulation is all about the processes involved in modifying and manipulating images to improve their features so that they can look much better than they initially seemed. This digital editing process includes activities like removing color casts, applying various textures to uneven surfaces, 

changing pictures from 2D to 3D and others. 

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